Chef Gino SclafaniDirector of Management Consulting Services

    Chef Gino Sclafani is director of management consulting services for He works directly with restaurant owners who have chosen intensive restaurant management consulting services, training management teams how to use systems and SMART Systems Pro, the company’s restaurant management software.

    Chef Sclafani joined in 2018, but prior to that, he was a Member and knows firsthand the way the systems and software can change the life of a restaurant owner. He has extensive experience running restaurant operations, including designing menus and overseeing systems. He also has experience as a restaurant owner.

    Chef Sclafani is a third-generation chef and restauranteur. Chef Sclafani started his culinary career at age 8, working in his father’s restaurant in New Orleans. By the time Gino was 18, he was the executive chef for his family’s restaurant. Ten years later, Chef Sclafani moved to Hattiesburg, Miss., and opened a Creole Italian fusion restaurant. After 10 years, and missing his home state, he returned to Louisiana, where he worked for TJ Moran at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and TJ Ribs and thrived as a corporate chef. He later worked as a corporate chef at Piccadilly Restaurants where he created the menu items for 150 restaurants for 10 years. Before coming to work for, he returned to his love of fine dining and Creole Italian food and worked as the chief operations officer and executive chef in his brother’s business, Ruffino’s Restaurant.

    After so many years in the kitchen, Chef Sclafani decided to try something new. He and his family moved west to work with, overseeing the company’s management consulting services. He enjoys teaching restaurant owners how to use and embrace systems for a better life.

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