Take Action:Quarterly Labor Cost Seminar

Learn how to immediately impact your bottom line, get more cash in the bank and motivate your employees.

Phoenix, Arizona / Next date TBD

The Details


Restaurant Systems Pro Training Facility
1125 W Pinnacle Peak Road, Ste. 105, Phoenix, AZ 85027

FREE – Members
$149 – Non-Members


Join us for a seminar devoted to helping you achieve the ideal prime cost to ensure you make money in your restaurant.

Prime cost is the combination of your total cost of goods sold and labor cost.

This prime cost seminar will focus on the systems you need to have in place to lower your restaurant’s total labor cost to achieve the lowest prime cost possible.

What you’ll learn

  • Why industry standards don’t apply
  • What expenses make up this magic number called prime cost
  • How to calculate this magic number and what makes it what it is
  • How to easily create a budget and become a proactive management team
  • Find out what 15 minutes could put you out of business and how to avoid falling prey to this deadly trap
  • Why scheduling isn’t commonsense and how to avoid new managers from making mistakes that cost you money time and time again
  • The 13 steps to writing a fool-proof schedule
  • Why this one report is your crystal ball to telling each manager how many hours they have available for each position to work next week to remain on budget
  • The 7 must-dos to controlling your labor
  • How this simple acronym, “PPETF,” is your key to a well trained and efficient staff
  • How this valuable report can save you thousands in overtime pay
  • Why tracking your labor on a daily basis is critical to you making money and how to adjust your labor to not affect the guest experience

Our Expert Presenter

Fred Langley is the director of operations and a restaurant coach for RestaurantSystemsPro.net. He leads the company’s consulting services, coaching members, conducting seminars and overseeing the training and technical support team for the company’s restaurant management software, Restaurant Systems Pro.