Mary DeLeonSoftware Trainer and Systems Coach

    Mary DeLeon is a software trainer and coach for She works directly with Members on a daily basis to help them maximize the benefits of SMART Systems Pro, the company’s restaurant management software.

    DeLeon has been with since 2015. Prior to joining the team she was a food and beverage manager and has been in the restaurant industry her entire adult life. She’s worked the line, cold and hot stations, grill and catering. She has experience in front-of-house operations, but considers herself stronger with back-of-house operations.

    DeLeon understands the passion restaurant owners and managers have for providing their guests with a satisfying food experience and the instant gratification they receive with each and every guest served. In working with Members she relies on their sense of pride to motivate them to tackle the systems that ensure they have amazing food and staff that gives them excellent word-of-mouth marketing. She lives for the “A-ha” moment when an owner or manager gets what she’s teaching.

    DeLeon studied political science and secondary education before attending the New York Restaurant School to study culinary management. She devours books and articles and is happy knowing a little bit about a lot of things.


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